Universe Story Workshop

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If you want to learn how to teach the story of the universe to children and youngsters from a perspective that can encourage a positive social change, than this workshop is for you!

“I did this workshop two years ago in the Awakened Life Project – ALP. I remember that when I read the workshop review I felt a huge impulse to participate. I wanted to have a better understanding of this “Oneness” that everybody seems to be talking about. I wanted also to understand in which form the Big Bang Theory can change the perception of our existence . And, of course, I wanted to learn to be able to share it to others. I had some expectations, but I confess that the workshop proved to be better than all the ideas that I had created. In this workshop I could experience the wonderful discovery that we are part of an infinite universe in constant evolution.

I could see this ever present impulse for evolution on a personal and global level, in everything that exists. And I learned a lot about “my own” history which is still being written by all of us that are part of this infinite web of life in evolution.

Helena Fontainha, Esposende

In this workshop we will explore who we are and where we belong from the scientific point of view of how the universe was created.

Jane Riddiford and Rod Sudgen have a lot of experience working with children and youngsters and in telling them their version of the story of the universe. All the work done in Global Generation is a life example, as well as their enrollment in the past year with the Institute of Education -UCL with the training of new teachers.

”The Global Generation project is exciting because it gives us a chance to reconnect with humanity at all levels – at St John’s, in Wallingford, across the UK and throughout the World. It encourages us to look at our story creatively, and to link it to the parts of our lives that so often seem disjointed or lacking in meaning. I am excited about working with people from beyond our small place; to reconnect with communities who lead such different lives from ours, to appreciate the challenges that face humanity around the World and to think about new ways to address them.”

Jane Ratcliffe, Head Teacher

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Jane and Rod will give you a set of essential tools to teach students / other children and youngsters the story of the universe that will promote an inspirational ground and development of a social and environmental responsibility for the future. These tools include different methodologies such as the creative writing, sitting in silence, working the universe creation time line from a scientific perspective, working with values, bringing the universal context into the individual context, participating through dialogue, working with history, specially the cultural myths that emerged all around the world.

This one-day workshop will begin at 10am and will finish at 5pm.

The Universe Story day was a great success. We had an overwhelming positive response from the students. We want the students think and enquire and dig deep, and today we did just that. The more they can do that, in a safe environment, the more resilience they will develop, the better that will be for the children that they teach. Tessa Willy – Senior Lecturer, Institute of Education, UCL

Who are the speakers?

Jane Riddiford, Global Generation Executive Director

JaneJane co-founded Global Generation in 2004. She has 25 years of experience in delivering environmental, arts & vocational training projects in New Zealand & the UK.

Her interest in young people and projects that bring different parts of the community together in ecological settings has been a consistent thread throughout her working life. She holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business practice from Bath School of Management and is currently undertaking an Action Research based Doctorate in Organisational Change at Ashridge Business School which draws on her work with Global Generation. She is inspired by our 14 Billion year story as a wellspring of creativity from which to grow a socially and environmentally responsible future.

Rod Sugden, Global Generation Universe Story Educator


Rod has been a primary school teacher in the public and private sector for the last 11 years. He now divides his time between Dallington School and running educational programmes for Global Generation

Over the last four years he has introduced children and young people to the Universe Story and has found that they have a deep enthusiasm and connection to learning about who they are and what they are a part of. He has pioneered a method of dialogue for children combined with a practice of sitting still.  He feels these are essential ingredients for the ‘New Education’ that will equip tomorrows adults to live in the interconnected; ever-expanding  and fast-changing world in which we all live.


14th February 2015, Viana do Castelo, Escola Secundária de Monserrate – 30 Euros

15th February 2015, Porto, Escola Viva – 40 Euros

16 Fev. 2015 – Montemor-o-Velho – Avidanja – 40 Euros – CANCELLED

18 Fev. 2015 – Odivelas – Mandala Yoga e Massagens – 40 euros

NOTE: If you do not have the possibility to donate this amount, please write us an email to avidaemtransicao@gmail.com, explaining why it is important for you to do this workshop and how much you can give.

To book a place, please send us your details and workshop place until the 10th February to avidaemtransicao@gmail.com. Thank you.

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