There are different ways in which we aspire to facilitate the transition and conscious change, at different levels of our existence as Human Beings, always based on active and attentive listening, simple and clear communication and a great desire to deepen the knowledge and appreciation for the life! Meditation is always a fundamental tool and the starting point, insofar as it allows us to come into contact with our essence, our deepest Self. Sharing our own history, with all its challenges and experiences, is also a powerful tool, as it is an unequivocal proof that everything is possible when we consciously believe and direct our intention …

The sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype, individually or in groups, always meeting the availability of each:

  • Women: individual or group facilitation
  • Men: individual or group facilitation
  • Guidance for couples and families
  • Guidance for future parents
  • Orientation to Transition (from city to countryside, change of job, personal fulfillment, etc.)
  • Awakening for Life: Online Course in Portuguese